Asst. Lect.Baraa Yaqoob Yuosif

Asst. Lect. Baraa who joined the University of Mosul / College of Education for Sciences. She is a graduate of the University of Mosul from the first role. She was awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Education in Biology for the academic year 2013/2014, with a grade of good (79,765) and a rank of 14 among her classmates. She completed a Master’s study in the field of Biology in 16th of March in 2021, with distinction, as the title of the thesis was (Physiological and biochemical study of the effect of different concentrations of vitamin D3 on the kidneys, liver, and blood of rats treated with cadmium chloride “.The research from the thesis was published in the Indian journal of forensic medicine & toxicology within Scopus containers at the end of the fourth month of 2021. She began working as a professor at Al-Noor University College in 1st of Oct. in 2021 , she was entrusted with the tasks of working as an instructor and a member of the sub and central examination committee, she obtained many certificates, consisting of a certificate of teaching methods and validity of teaching, a certificate of English and computer proficiency, a certificate of laboratory safety from the Continuing Education Unit of the University of Mosul, and a certificate (applications course in life techniques) Certificate of diseases common to humans And animals, methods of controlling them, and a certificate of participation from the international conference for researchers that was held at the University of Mosul, where the title of the conference was” The Research of Biology Is a constant giving despite the Corona pandemic”.

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