Lect. Dr.Thabit Maadh Omar

Dr. Thabet Moath Omar joined the Veterinary Department/Ministry of Agriculture in 1985 and was attributed to work in the Veterinary Hospital in Nineveh and worked in several veterinary clinics as a veterinarian. In 2000, he obtained a master’s degree in veterinary microbiology, specializing in viruses, under the supervision of Dr. Muzahim Yassin Al-Attar from the University of Mosul/College of Veterinary Medicine. In 2006, he obtained a doctorate in virus immunity from the University of Mosul under the supervision of Muzahim Yassin Al-Attar. He worked as assistant director of the veterinary hospital for scientific affairs for 4 years and head of the scientific committee in the same department. He has 11 published research papers in scientific journals. He participated in 5 scientific conferences by presenting research. He retired in 2022

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