Asst. Prof. Dr.Haseeb Elias Majeed

 Dr. Haseeb Elias Majeed Hadid
Foreign languages: French, English, and a little Russian
Job Title: Department of French Language, College of Arts, University of Mosul
General specialty: Comparative Literature (English-French) Specific specialty: English studies in French - Academic certificates: Bachelor’s degree in English Language, Arts, Mosul, and Higher Diploma in Education, Baghdad, Metres, France, Diploma in In-depth Studies, France, Doctorate, France
Training courses outside Iraq (7)
Authored books: (7) Principles of Translation - Scientific Research Methodology (Dar Ibn Al-Atheer) and Principles of Educational Translation - Lawrence of Arabia between Truth and Fiction (Dar Al-Kutub Al-Ilmiyyah, Beirut - Lebanon)
Translated books: (28) Contemporary translation - Translation of political discourse - Studies in legal translation - Diplomatic translation (House of Wisdom - Baghdad) Translation and advertising - Interpretation in conferences (House of Wisdom, Baghdad) Journalistic translation - Principles of translation - Studies in literary criticism (House of Wisdom - Baghdad) Scientific books (Beirut-Lebanon) – Interpretation – (Dar Al-Kutub Al-Qaniya, Cairo-Egypt) ...... – (6) books sold on Amazon in the United States of America
Postgraduate studies: Supervision of (10) master’s theses, (2) doctorates in English literature, and more than (50) participation in discussion committees.
Scientific research: (12) published scientific research and participation in several scientific conferences. (10) Seminars in the field of translation
Administrative activities: Assistant Dean of the College of Arts - Rapporteur of the French Language Department and Head of the French Language Department Other activities:
Chairman and then member of the Postgraduate Studies Committee in the French Language Department - University of Mosul. Member of the Scientific Committee in the French Language Department - University of Mosul. Member of the Committee for Testing Teaching Applicability for Humanities Disciplines / University of Mosul previously. Member of the Teaching Validity Testing Committee for Humanities Disciplines/University of Mosul previously. Former member of the Teaching Aptitude Committee at Al-Hadba University College. Member of the Scientific Promotions Committee at the College of Arts / University of Mosul. Member of the advisory board of Al-Ma’moun Magazine - a quarterly magazine of studies issued by Al-Ma’moun House for Translation and Publishing - Ministry of Culture - Iraq ▪ Member of the Iraqi Translators Association - with the rank of expert ▪ Member of the International Society of Arab Translators and Linguists Member of the Arab Union for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights - League of Arab States Granted the title of translation expert In an honorary ceremony from the Mosul Studies Center - University of Mosul on April 15, 2013, a sworn translator and judicial expert authorized to translate in French and English, licensed by the Supreme Judicial Council and accredited by the Presidency of the Nineveh Federal Court of Appeal. He published more than (300) articles in Iraqi and Arab magazines.

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