Lect. Dr.Khalid Ibrahim Hassan

Khalid Ibrahim Hassan, a consultant in mechanical engineering, He was awarded master’s in thermal power from the University of Belgrade, with a grade of distinction, in 1986, and a bachelor’s in aircraft mechanics from the University of Sarajevo in 1984, with a grade of distinction. He worked in various institutions, including the air force, military manufacturing, and the private sector, for 18 years, after which he joined academic work at the university. Mosul, for 17 years, and worked as an external lecturer at the universities of Duhok and Zakho, then joined Al-Noor University in 2023.A lecturer of many subjects, including thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, industrial engineering, engineering management, industrial management, and project management. He participated in many seminars, conferences, and community service courses. He has several published research papers. He is a lecturer in many courses affiliated with the UNDP and Nineveh Governorate departments and participates in the work of the Engineering Consulting Office of the University of Mosul.

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