Prof. Dr.Khazal Fathy Zidan

Diploma from the Teacher Preparation Institute 1974, Bachelor’s in Arabic Language - University of Mosul - College of Education 1985, Master’s in Arabic Language - College of Arts in 1990, Doctorate in Arabic Language (Grammar) (1996), I taught in primary, secondary and middle schools until 1980. I transferred my services from the Ministry of Local Government to the Ministry of Higher Education University of Mosul - College of Education In 1997, as I ranked first in class and collage, I was sent as visiting professor to Yemen - Thamar University - College of Arts and Languages. I discussed more than (215) master’s theses and doctoral dissertations, in addition to providing scientific expertise and being an expert for scientific promotions. I supervised (29) master’s theses. 6) Doctoral dissertations. I lectured at the University of Knowledge, AL Imam Al Aadum University College, and the Open Educational College, and member of the Union of Authors and Writers in Iraq. I published a number of short stories in Iraqi and Arab magazines and newspapers. I published three books in the field of language, grammar, and semantics. I currently work as head of the Arabic Language Department - Al-Noor University College

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