Asst. Lect.Rand Otba Farqad

Assistant Lecturer Rand is a lecturer joined at Al-Noor University, Department of Dentistry in March 2023 to teach radiation and nuclear physics. She holds a master’s degree in environmental sciences, with a specific specialty in nuclear radiation physics, from the University of Mosul under the direct supervision of Asst. Prof. Dr. Rashid Mahmoud Youssef and Dr. Nabhan Abdel Karim Hamdoun. After her master's degree, she worked as an employee in the Department of Media and Relations at Al-Noor College and as a teacher. She joined and participated in many seminars, workshops, and conferences at the University of Mosul. Rand is also interested in the creative artistic aspect and the design of engineering models and miniatures, and she received many certificates of thanks and appreciation in the field of engineering design for models.

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