Asst. Lect.Zaid Thanoun Hadi

I am the assistant Lecturer, Zaid Thanoun Hadi. I started studying at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Mosul in 2010 and completed my studies in 2017 at the alternative location of the University of Mosul in Kirkuk. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine and surgery at the University of Mosul. Then I began working in warehouses and pharmacies for a period of time. I began my master’s studies at the University of Mosul/College of Veterinary Medicine/Pathology Branch. I succeeded in the course stage from the first round and began the research stage, At this stage I discovered a genetic mutation for the adenovirus in the city of Mosul and it was registered under my name Z-M gene. Two research papers were published in Scopus magazines at this stage. The research stage was passed with distinction, and I joined Al-Noor University College in 2022 and began teaching practical general histology to the Department of Dentistry and the Department of Laboratories and Pathology to the Department of Radiology and Ultrasound. In 2023, I presented scientific research at the Second Nineveh Medical Conference for Medical Sciences, and the research was initially approved.

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