Lect. Dr.Shaymaa Abdullah Ahmed

Shaymaa Abdullah Ahmed Al-Jubouri obtained a doctorate degree in philosophy in the field of life sciences/zoology in 2020 from the College of Science, Department of Life Sciences, at Mosul University. I work as an academic staff member at Al-Noor University College, where I am tasked with teaching General Physiology (both theoretical and practical parts) in the Department of Anesthesia Techniques and the Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques. I have served as a member of various committees, including the Seminars Committee, the Leukemia Committee, and electronic sub-examination committees for several departments within the college. Additionally, I am a member of the International Association of Scientific Researchers under the registration number (201921003891), and I am currently working on several research projects. I have participated in numerous workshops and study circles held at Al-Noor University College and Mosul University. Furthermore, I have engaged in some extracurricular social activities in Mosul by organizing field visits with college students to Ibn Al-Atheer Hospital/Leukemia Department and visiting the orphanage in Mosul to provide voluntary work and offer psychological and moral support to sick children and orphans in the city.

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