Asst. Prof. Dr.Saleh Hussain Ali

Name: Dr. Saleh Hussein Ali Job Title: Lecturer. Bachelor of Business Administration 1982 College of Administration and Economics/Al-Mustansiriya University/Baghdad Bachelor of Law 1999 College of Law/University of Mosul/Nineveh Diploma in Postgraduate Studies 2008 League of Arab States/Cairo Master of Law 2009 League of Arab States/Cairo Doctorate of Law 2012 League of Arab States/Cairo General Specialization: General law for specific specialization: Constitutional law - Subjects we study: Constitutional law, political systems, administrative law, history of law, legal profession, human rights, principles of legal research. - Experience in (protecting intellectual property) through participation in the conference in the second scientific conference in the Arab Republic of Egypt / Cairo for the period from April 26/27, 2008, held at the Arab League by the Law Institute in cooperation with the Arab Lawyers Union and the Arab League. - Experience in international commercial arbitration through participation in a course - the Law Institute - Bar Association - Arab Republic of Egypt in 2007. - Experience in the field of elections through a doctoral thesis (the right to vote) as well as participation in the general conference (on the electoral reality in Egypt after the revolution January Problems and Outcomes), held during November 2011 at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science/Cairo University. - Obtaining the Creativity Medal from the US Everest Organization for Invention, Development and Investment on 24/12/2019 in the researchers and inventors competition for the research entitled (Prohibiting employee participation in electoral propaganda work - a comparative study). - Participation in a research paper entitled (Respect for citizenship rights is a guarantee for the stability of the relationship between the state and society) in the International Conference for the Human Sciences (Transitional Justice.....its Horizons and Ways to Achieve It in Iraq and the Region), held at Cihan University / Erbil, which was established by the Iraqi Elders for Transitional Justice Organization And Cihan University, for the period from 12 to 13 February 2020. - Delivering a lecture at a continuing education workshop entitled (The phenomenon of smoking from a legal perspective). - Lecturer in the course (How to conclude administrative contracts) in cooperation with the Law Department at Al-Noor University College for employees of all state departments in Nineveh Governorate, for the period from 6/19/2021 until 6/24/2021. Membership of scientific societies and academic institutions: 1. Member The Iraqi Bar Association from 1999. 2. Member of the Arab Lawyers Union from 2007. 3. Member of the International Law Forum from 2010. 4. Member of the Union of Iraqi Jurists from 2011. 5. Member of the Union of Arab Academics from 2017. 6. Member of the Scientific Committee of the Law Department at Al-Noor University College. 7. Director of the Continuing Education Unit at Al-Noor University College. 8. Member of the Scientific Committee of the First International Scientific Conference of the Iraqi University in Baghdad, entitled (Digital Education in Light of the Corona Pandemic), held on 8/15/16/2020. 9. Member of the editorial board of the Middle East Journal for Legal and Jurisprudential Studies (ISSN 2710-2211), affiliated with the Middle East Institute for Studies and Publishing / Mafraq / Jordan. Research and writings: First: Research: 1. The problem of a weak sense of citizenship, Al-Qalam College Journal, Kirkuk, Volume (1), Issue (3), July 2017. 2. The role of the legislative authority in confronting corruption, Al-Rafidain Law Journal / University of Mosul, Volume 19, Issue 65, Year 21 December 2018. 3 The state’s commitment to the law is a guarantee of human rights, Tikrit University Law Journal, Year 3, Volume 3, Issue 1, Part Two, September 2018. 4. Prohibiting the participation of public employees in electoral propaganda work, Journal of the College of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, University of Kirkuk, Volume 8, Issue 28, Part One, February 2019. 5. Manifestations of Electoral Corruption, Al-Rafidain Journal of Law, University of Mosul, Volume 19, Issue 66, Year 21, March 2019. 6. Ensuring the constitutional rights of minorities is a guarantee for the reconstruction of the city of Mosul, the eighth annual conference of the College of Law, University of Mosul, 2018, published in a special issue / Part Two, from pp. 636 to p. 667. 7. Crisis management under the caretaker government, research published in the Journal of the College of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, University of Kirkuk / Volume (9), special issue for the year 2020. 8. The right to housing is a guarantee for preserving human dignity, research published in Al-Rafidain Law Journal / University of Mosul / Volume (20), Issue (72), Year (22) October 2020. 9. The legitimacy of authority between election and popular satisfaction, accepted, published in issue No. 438 on 11/30/2020 by the College of Political Sciences / University of Baghdad. Second: Publications: 1. Elections as a democratic method for transferring power, Dar Al-Kutub Al-Qanuni, Cairo, year 2011. 2. The right to vote (a legal study), Modern University Office, Alexandria, year 2012. 3. Judicial authority in Islam, Modern University Office, Alexandria, 2014. 4. Authority and Popular Satisfaction, Modern University Office, Alexandria, 2015. 5. Party pluralism and its role in the transfer of power, Modern University Office, Alexandria, year 2016. 6. The administration’s authority to withdraw administrative decisions, Modern University Office, Alexandria, year 2017. 7. The status of citizenship under sectarian quotas, Modern University Office, Alexandria, year 2018. 8. Electoral corruption and its impact on the functions of the House of Representatives, University Press House, Alexandria, 2019.

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