Prof. Dr.Tariq Salim Abo

Tariq Salem Abbo Qaba Scientific title: Professor Degree: Doctorate in Diseases / Master in Viruses Specialization: Diseases Supervising many theses and dissertations for higher diploma and master’s students and an examiner for the doctorate. He published many research papers in international journals and Scopus, in addition to research in conferences and seminars inside and outside Iraq. One of the innovative works is working to establish the occurrence of diseases in the region in order to monitor them in order to develop preventive programs for the purpose of reducing their occurrence. He worked as Deputy Dean and held the position of Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs, as well as Assistant Dean for Scientific and Administrative Affairs, and College Registrar, where he contributed to developing the infrastructure of the college by establishing laboratories, a student club, and rooms for teachers to compensate for the buildings that were demolished to build the Assyrian library, carrying out the secretariat work, supervising the preparatory work for the first and second conferences of the college, and agreeing with the funders of the conferences. In addition to that, he contributed to holding many seminars on diseases, introducing them and how to control them, as well as a member of the preparatory committee of Al-Noor University College.

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