Asst. Prof.Abbas Fadel Hussein

Abbas Fadel Hussein Al-Taie worked and retired from the University of Mosul with the title of Assistant Professor (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees), specializing in oral medicine.
from 1985 until 2018. He currently works in the Department of Dentistry at Al-Noor University College from 2018 until now. Abbas has completed research in oral medicine and oral and maxillofacial surgery. . Before retirement, he supervised undergraduate and postgraduate studies students at the University of Mosul (MA) 2012-2014. Lecturer for graduate students at the University of Mosul (MA and PhD) 2009-2014. Lecturer for postgraduate students of dentistry at the University of Duhok (MA) 2013-2014 Abbas participated in the discussion of postgraduate students, high diploma and master’s, as well as a scientific evaluator for master’s theses and a scientific evaluator for scientific promotion transactions in various Iraqi universities. His current project is teaching the subject of theoretical oral medicine and clinical. At Al-Noor University College/Department of Dentistry, fifth stage ​

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