Asst. Prof. Dr.Abdulhakeem Thanoun Younis

Dr. Abdulhakim Thanoun Younis joined Al-Noor University College in October 2022 to teach criminal law. He obtained a doctorate degree in criminal law in 2003 from the College of Law/University of Mosul, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hassan Odeh Zaal, and with the same supervisor, he obtained a master’s degree from the College of Law/University of Mosul in 1998, while his bachelor’s degree was from the College of Law/ University of Baghdad in 1980, and he obtained a bachelor’s degree in English translation in 2011 from the College of Arts/University of Mosul. He taught at the College of Law/University of Mosul and has six published research papers. He participated in the supervision, discussion, and scientific evaluation of many doctoral dissertations, master’s theses, and diplomas. He has a scientific evaluation of many research papers for various journals. He participated in a number of conferences - local and international - and scientific symposiums, and he delivered many lectures. He lectures in various colleges and has worked as a lawyer since 1980-2006. He is a judicial expert in the Nineveh Courts of Appeal on inheritance and copies. He was a member of the Iraqi Union of Jurists

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البحوث الحاصلة على الاكثر اقتباسا

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