Asst. Prof.Abduljabbar Jasem Mohammed

 Personal: Name: Abdul-Jabbar Jassim Mohammed Al-Khashab Place and Date of Birth: Mosul, Iraq, 1951. Languages: Arabic, Kurdish, English and some French. Degrees: 1. B.A. European Languages Department, (English) College of Arts, Mosul University, (19975) . 2. M.A. In English Literature, Comparative Literature, College of Arts, Mosul University.(1985). The title of the thesis is: "Orientalism in Samuel Johnson's Raselas, Irene and Some Short Stories", Dept. of English, College of Arts, Mosul University, 1985. 3. Ph.D. In Englieh Literature, Comparative Literature: “Oriental Elements in Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales and other Selected Works.” Al-Hurrah University, 2010. Experiences: 1. Translator and Production Manager for nine years at University Press, Mosul University, Mosul Iraq, 1977-1982. 2. Assistant Lecturer, Dept. of English , College of Arts, Mosul University, 1985-1991. 3. Lecturer , Dept. of English, College of Arts, Mosul University, 1991-1995. 4. Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, College of Arts, Mosul University, 1995. 5. Associate Professor , Department of English, College of Education , Hadramout University of Science and Technology,(Al-Mukalla and Sayon Colleges,) Yemen,2000-2001. 6. Head of English Department, Sayon College of Education, Hadramout University, Yemen.2000-2001. 7. Secretary of the Dept. of English , College of Arts, Mosul University, 2005- 2011. 8. Head of English Department, College of Arts / Mosul University 2007-2009. Training Experience 1. Attended an intensive course ity College in Literature Teaching Methodology at the Department of English Studies, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, U.K. 1990. 2. Attended an intensive course in ELT at the Institute for English Language Education , University of Lancaster, English, U.K., 1990. 3. Attended a courses in Methodology at the Training Center of Mosul University, 1991. 4. Attended two courses in Stylistics at Mosul University during the summers of the years 1987, 1988, (Lecturers from Lancaster University, England). 5. The First Local Conference on Linguistics and Poetics, University of Mosul, 1992. Teaching Experience: Undergraduate Level: 1. Teaching History of English Literature / The Short story. American Literature. 2. Teaching English for Special Purposes in Iraqi Universities such as College of Science, Technical College, College of Engineering, Technical Institutes, and College of Medicine for M.a. and Ph.D students. 3. Teaching Eighteenth Century Novel, Nineteenth Century Novel, and Modern Novel foe M.A. Students. 4. Teaching Shakespearian Drama / Modern Drama for M.A. students. 5. Teaching Classical Poetry / Sixteenth Century Poetry / Victorian and Romantic Poetry / Modern Poetry for M.A. Students. 6. Teaching Literary Criticism. 7. Teaching English Language for Efficiency test and ILT for more than ten year . 9. Teaching Englisاh literature in Al Noor university College in 2017-2022> 8. Teaching English literature at Ah Hamdaniya University 2021/2022. Post Graduate Level: 1. Teaching Comparative Literature for more than twenty Years. 2. Teaching Eighteenth Century Novel. 3. Teaching Modern Novel. 4. Teaching American Literature 5. Teaching Drama both Shakespearian and Modern. 6. Teaching English Language to Ph.D. and Msc. Students in Scientific Colleges. Translations and Articles (In Arabic) Translated a number of articles and short stories from English into Arabic published into Iraqi Journals and Magazines .The approximate number is (44) chief among theme are: 1. "The Snob", Morley Gal lagan, 1980. 2. " Theme of Protest in Some Poems of Wilfred Owen" 1985. 3. "Typhus" Anton Chekhov ,1980. 4. "Samuel Johnson and the Theater", 1985. 5. "Oriental Elements In Chaucer's Works"., 1986. 6." The Influence of Sinbad the Sailor on Gulliver's Travels," 1984. 7. "The Salient Features of the First World War Poetry", 1983. 8. "Islamic and Arabic Element in Some of Byron's Poems", 1990. 9. "The Influence of The Arabian Nights on Shakespeare 's The Taming the Shrew," 1987. 10."The Influence of The Oriental and Arabic Tales on Western Literature", 1984. Supervisions: 1. "Theme of Colonization in Heart of Darkness, A Passage to India, and Zuqaq Al-Madaq: A Comparative Study" An M.A. thesis by Amal Abdul- Jabbar Mahmmood, 2000. 2."Poetic Drama in English and Arabic Literary Traditions: A Comparative Study of T.S Eliot and Salah Abd al-Sabur", M.A. Thesis by Muyassar Kassim T. Al- Khashab,2004. 3." The White- Black Relationship in Three of William Faulkner's Novels" An M.A. Thesis by Shaimaa Murdn Aswad. 2005. 4. Thomas Pynchon: A Study of Techniques in Three of His Novels. An M.A. Thesis by Sarah Abdu-Rahman Khdir 2013 5. “The Rise of Prison Writings in America: A Critical Study of Three Selected Works of Norman Mailer, Jack Henry Abbott and Patrice Gaines”An M.A. Thesis by Khawla Majed Zeki, 2017. Books: 1. Critical Studies in Comparative Literature (in Arabic),2006. 2. An English Course In French Literature ., 2005. 3. Taekwondo (Translated from English into Arabic (2007) 4. Johnson and the Orient ( 5. Oriental Elements in Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales and Other Selected Works Research Works: A number of research papers (20) chief among them are: 1. "Pretest in Wilfred Owen's Poems", Adab- Al-Rafilayn, Vol.22, 1991, pp. 45-56. 2. "Oriental Elements in The Taming of the Shrew", Adab Al-Rafidayn, Vol. 24, 1992, p.70-80. 3. "Allegorical Elements in Great Expectations", Adab Al-Rafidayn, Vol. 26, 1994, pp. 64-73. 4. "Oriental Elements in Some of Poe's Works" Adab Al-Rafidayn, Vol. 31, 1998, pp. 38-47. 5. "Gilgamesh Epic and Milton's "Lycidas": A Comparative Study (In Arabic with Dr. Tawfik Aziz Abdulla), Adab Al-Rafidayn, Vol. (?) 1998. 6. "Theme of Colonization in the English Novel", Adab Al-Rafidayn, Vol. (?), 2004. 7. "Images of Oriental Women in the Arabian Nights", Adab Al-Rafidayn, Vol. 42, 2005. 8. "The Influence of The Arabian Nights on Chaucer's "The Squire's Tale", Adab Al-Rafidayn ,2006. 9. Bed's The Poet Caedmon and the Influence of Islam. Journal of Perspective Researches, No. 44. Oct. 2o14, Al-Hadba' University College.. Examining Committees: 1.More than twenty one M.A. theses in English Literature. 2. More than Five Ph.D. Dissertations in English Literature Linguistic Correction and Evaluation: 1. Linguistic correction and evaluation of more than (44) forty four M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses and dissertations in different specializations / Mosul University. 2. Evaluating more than thirty – two research papers submitted by the staff members for publication and promotion form different Iraqi universities. Training Courses And Scientific Conferences 1. Two Training Courses in English Language held by University of Lancaster 1985-1989. 2. A Training Course for Lecturers in English language and English Literature organized by University of Lancaster and University of Strathcyde 1990. 3. The first scientific Conferences in English and Literature L/ College of Arts/ 1993 4. The fourth Scientific Conference in English and Literature / College of Arts/ 2007 5. Scientific Conference in English and Literature. Al-Hadba' University College, 2013,

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