Asst. Lect.Abeer Waedullah Bakr Mahmoud

Abeer Waadallah Bakr Mahmoud... Girls’ Education\ Master’s in Physical Education and Sports Sciences... She obtained a Master’s degree from the College of Education for Girls, Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences in the year 2022 with a very good grade and a grade point average of 87.5, specializing in management and organization. She has three research papers published in local journals in the management specialization. ...She holds several international and local certificates in many fields and has scientific and humanitarian contributions. Among them, she worked as a researcher for the Independent Iraqi Company for Research and Studies for two years. She obtained a certificate from UNICEF in cooperation with the local AL-Mesalla organization in empowering adolescent girls with life skills.. She participated in volunteer campaigns during the liberation of the city of Mosul from the Peace Organization, in cooperation with the IOM organization, to rehabilitate schools... She also participated in several training courses, including designing electronic courses that were held in the College of Education for Girls in the year 2022, and she participated in a teaching methods course, and also obtained a certificate of validity for teaching from continuing education at the University of Mosul

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