Prof. Dr.Essam Hamo Mahmoud

 Prof. Dr. Issam Hamo Mahmoud, I graduated from the College of Pharmacy / University of Mosul in 1969 with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy with a very good grade. Then I was appointed to the College of Medicine in 1975 and obtained a master’s degree in pharmacology in 1989 with a very good grade from the Pharmaceutical Branch, College of Medicine in Mosul / University of Mosul, then a doctorate in Pharmacology in 1995 from the Pharmaceutical Branch, College of Medicine, University of Mosul, with distinction. I obtained the title of Assistant Lecturer in 1989, Instructor in 1992, Assistant Professor in 1996, and Professor in 2012. I became rapporteur for the Pharmaceuticals Branch in the College of Medicine for the period from 1995-2002, then head of the Pharmaceuticals Branch for the period from 2002-2008. I taught the pharmacology subject to third-year students in the College of Medicine and the clinical medicine course for fifth-year students at the Mosul College of Medicine. I taught the pharmacology course for postgraduate students at the Mosul College of Medicine in the branches of medicine, biochemistry, physiology, and microbiology. I also participated in teaching the basics of medicine course for first-year students at the College of Medicine and teaching the pharmacology course for many years at the College of Pharmacy and Nursing/University of Mosul. I attended many conferences and seminars at the University of Mosul and participated in all continuing education seminars that are held annually in the Pharmaceuticals Branch at the Mosul College of Medicine. I attended many continuing education seminars held annually by the branches of the College of Medicine. I also attended the First National Conference for Pharmaceutical Sciences at the College of Pharmacy in 2000, the First Scientific Conference for Sports Medicine in 1998, and the Second Scientific Conference for Sports Medicine in 2000, and participated and gave a lecture in the scientific symposium entitled Pharmaceutical Use in the Sports Field which was held in the College of Physical Education in 2008. Several conferences were also attended outside Iraq, Egypt in 2006, Malaysia in 2009, and Beijing in 2010. Consultant in the Pakistani Journal of Medical Sciences. Visiting the Department of Pharmaceuticals at the University of Cambridge/England in 2005 for a month, teaching for 3 months at the College of Pharmacy, University of Aden in 2000. I received about 50 letters of thanks from several bodies, including the Ministry of Higher Education, the Presidency of the University of Mosul, the College of Medicine of Mosul and Nineveh, and the College of Pharmacy and Nursing. Supervising about 35 postgraduate students, master’s and doctoral. She participated in a number of committees within the College of Medicine, including the Examination Committee, the Scientific Promotions Committee, the Field Practice Committee, which is held annually, and the Postgraduate Studies Committee. I completed about 30 research papers that were published in local and international journals. I was transferred to the College of Pharmacy in 2011 as head of the Pharmaceuticals Branch, then she was retired in 2012 according to the retirement law for university professors at the age of 65 years.

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