Asst. Lect.Karam Emad Hamdy

Assistant Lecturer / Karam Imad Hamdi joined Al-Noor University College in September 2021 in the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences to teach the subject of apparatus gymnastics for girls and the subject of physical fitness. She obtained a master’s degree in sports sciences in the field of sports psychology from the University of Mosul under the supervision of Professor Dr. Okla Suleiman Al-Houri.
Lecturer Karam attended many conferences, seminars and discussion sessions. She worked as a coach for female table tennis players. She works as a member of the coordination committee in the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences. She holds a certificate of participation in the Second International Scientific Sports Conference on Science and Technology of Physical and Sports Activities, which was organized by the National Sports Observatory under the supervision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports
in the Republic of Tunisia, in cooperation with the International Academy of Sports Technology in Sweden and the University of Paris Ouest
She worked as a coach for the players of the Girls Sports Club in futsal and holds a refereeing certificate in basketball in the refereeing course that was held at the University of Mosul / College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences under the supervision of international referee Sami in 2009/2010. She has research currently in progress on psychological counseling and its role in reducing stress in light of the Corona pandemic

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