Lect. Dr.Leena Ramzy Salim

Dr. Lina Ramzy Salem, who received a Ph.D. in educational psychology in 2021, worked as a social researcher with the DAD organization, the joint links in the establishment of training courses for leaders within the organization’s project in its own centers, depending on a curriculum, a viewing that is considered among the awareness programs Psychological Solidarity Organization and social) within the Allen 3 program for children between the ages of (5-17) years From 1/8/2017 to 10/11/2019 Diagnosing and recording a number of cases that suffer from problems through conducting flexibility sessions and life skills sessions in a number of primary and secondary schools in the city of Mosul identified within the project, as well as diagnosing a number of external cases that Come straight to the team office. Contributing and consulting with psychological consultants in the treatment of cases for children who suffer from psychological and social problems and need physical programs, including(Speech difficulty, involuntary urination - incomprehension - fear - aggressive behavior - a number of autism spectrum). Contributing and participating in the establishment of training courses for teachers and teachers (TOT) in a number of schools in the fields of (Psychological First Aid FPA) and (PSS and Psychosocial Support) and the referral system (Referral). Participation with the (WEO) organization, which means empowering women as a social researcher as well In the field of case management and case management steps.,

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