Asst. Lect.Mohamed Sameer Anaz

Mr. Mohammed Samir Anaz is an assistant teacher who joined Al-Noor University College, Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences in September 2020 to teach anatomy, physiology, and handball. He holds a master’s degree in teaching methods from the University of Mosul under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Dr. Nashwan Daoud Al-Saffar. He worked after his master’s degree as a researcher in the field of mathematical teaching methods with Dr. Qusay Hazem Al-Zubaidi at the same university in the year 2021. Mr. Mohammed attended several local conferences and seminars as a participant and published his results in a well-known magazine. Mohammed is also interested in developing strategies and methods for mathematical and general teaching methods and motor learning. Mr. Mohammed participated as a coach and head of a delegation in the Iraqi Universities Chess Championship for Al-Noor University College, and the team achieved repeated third place at the level of Iraqi universities.

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