Asst. Lect.Mohammad Abdulkarim Mohammed

Assistant Lecturer Mohammed Abdulkreem Mohammed Hussain Al-Tamimi holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Mosul, College of Computer Science and Mathematics, Department of Computer Science under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Sami Nouri 2019. I joined as a teacher at Al-Noor University College / Department of Anesthesia in 2019 to teach computer and its applications in the Department of Radiology and Ultrasound Techniques, the Department of Medical Laboratory Technologies, the Department of Pharmacy and the Department of Law. Supervisor of the computer lab in the Department of Anesthesia Techniques. I have one published paper. I hold many certificates of participation in international and local workshops, training courses, conferences and symposia. Received a number of letters of thanks and appreciation for the efforts exerted and distinguished in accomplishing the tasks assigned to me. I have many memberships including member of the examination committee at Al-Noor University College (2020-2021) & (2021-2022). Director of the Electronic Examinations Committee (2021-2022), a member of the Iraqi Academics Syndicate, and many other memberships in the college departments. I also supervise and manage the website of Al-Noor University College (2021-2022).

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