Lect. Dr.Mohammed Issa Suleiman

Dr. Mohammed Issa Suleiman Al-Sabaawi graduated from the College of Medicine - University of Mosul in 1983 - I was at the expense of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense - and I was appointed to the Sulaymaniyah Military Hospital, and I rose through the military ranks in the military units to the rank of Brigadier Doctor until 2003. I obtained a diploma in joint diseases. And medical qualification from the College of Medicine - University of Baghdad in 1994. I was reappointed to the College of Medicine - University of Mosul (after the restructuring of the former Iraqi army) in 2006. I obtained a master’s degree - medical physiology - from the College of Medicine - University of Mosul - in the year 2010- I was given the title of assistant teacher. I was promoted to the title of teacher on January 19, 2017. I participated in many conferences, seminars and workshops inside and outside Iraq. I participated in the examination committees in the college, as head of the examination committee and rapporteur of the committee in Mosul Medicine. I received many letters of thanks from the President of the University of Mosul and the Dean of the College of Medicine. I presented many scientific researches and were published in local and international medical journals (some of which are included in Scopus digests). My work as a teacher at the College of Medicine in Mosul continued until 12/31/2019, when I was referred to retirement due to reaching the legal age. He was contracted with Al-Noor University College on February 18, 2020 and until now as a teacher of physiology.

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