Mohammad Mahmoud Hamed

Asst. Lect. Mohammed Mahmoud Hamid, a teacher who joined Al-Noor University College in March 2022 to teach medical parasitology and medical pharmacology. He graduated from the University of Mosul and obtained a bachelor’s degree in general veterinary medicine and surgery in 2019. Then he obtained a master’s degree in veterinary medicine/veterinary internal and preventive medicine from the University of Mosul under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Qais Talib Shukr. He worked as a researcher and published two research papers, the first research published in the Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences in December 2022 under the title (Prevalence of ovine theileriosis in Mosul city, Iraq) And the second research published in the American magazine Scopus (Q2) International Journal of Health Sciences also in 2022, and the title was ( Phylogenetic Study of Theileria ovis and Theileria lestoquardi in infected sheep and It is Associated Ticks in Mosul city, Iraq). He received certificates of participation in many public courses, including a certificate of first aid course for the Iraqi Red Crescent in Al-Hamdaniya in 2014, a certificate of participation in the first aid course in Mosul from the Azadi and Good Youth Organization in 2017, certificates of participation in computer courses, English language and Arabic language at the University of Mosul. In 2020, and the certificate of the teaching methods course at the Center for Continuing Education/University of Mosul in December 2022.

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