Asst. Lect.Marwa Mohamed Mahmoud

Assistant Lecturer Marwa Mohammed Mahmoud obtained a master’s degree at the University of Mosul, College of Science, specializing in botany in her study on the environment and pollution for the efficiency of filtration plants in Nineveh Governorate, located on the Tigris River, in 2018,, She joined Al-Noor University College, Department of Pathological Analysis, in 2020, and participated in teaching biology for the Department of Dentistry. In 2021, she supervised graduation research for fourth-year students in the Department of Pathological Analysis. One of them was discussing the effect of smoking on the respiratory system, and the other about asthma. She currently works as an examination committee member in Al-Noor University College, the researcher has a research extract from her master’s thesis published in an environmental research journal. The teacher participated in attending many electronic and local workshops and seminars in various fields.

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