Asst. Lect.Malak Jaafar Ali

Assistant Lecturer, Malak Jaafar Ali, obtained a master’s degree in physics/materials physics from Kirkuk University/College of Education for Pure Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Sayegen Mohammed Noori for the year 2020-2021. She joined Al-Hamdaniya University / College of Education for Pure Sciences / Department of Physics / to teach in the department, where she was assigned to teach the subject of classical mechanics in addition to the laboratory for the same subject, and also to teach the practical part of the second stage in the optics laboratories of the same university for the year (2020-2021). She holds an international certificate from the Canadian Board in Training and Effective Teaching in 2016. She holds a certificate (TOIC) from the British International Institute for Languages using the Oxford curriculum in 2016. She also holds several local certificates and others of appreciation in the field of education and attractive teaching, such as those from Cambridge International Schools and Cihan School College. . In the year (2021-2022), I joined as a lecturer at Al-Noor University College as a laboratory assistant for the Department of Radiology and Ultrasound Techniques for the second and third stages of radiation physics subjects, and then to the laboratories of the Anesthesia Techniques Department for the medical physics subject. I have been appointed as a member of the examination committee for the year (2021-2022). She lectured in giving a course on radioactive contamination and radiation protection to students of the Radiology Department at Al-Noor University College 2022. Member of the follow-up committee of the Medical Laboratory Techniques Department for the year (2021-2022).

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