Asst. Prof. Dr.Nashwan Mohamed Suleiman

Dr.. Nashwan Mohammed Suleiman Ahmed Al-Jadirji was born in Mosul in 1951. He joined the College of Law and Politics at the University of Baghdad in the academic year (1970-1971), and finished studying law in the academic year (1973-1974). He joined the Bar Association and the Union of Iraqi Jurists in the same year and he completed military service until (1976) - he worked in the legal profession, then traveled to England to study at the University of London - the School of Oriental and African Studies, but technical difficulties prevented him from doing so. He studied at the Chelsea School in London in the year (1978-1979), then he moved on to study at Cairo University - College of Law for the years (1979-1981), he obtained a postgraduate diploma in private law and Islamic law. Then he returned to Iraq, participating in the Iran-Iraq war. He was appointed as an assistant lecturer at the College of Law - University of Mosul as one of the founders. Two years later, he obtained a fellowship from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the academic year (1985-1986) to study law in France. He also obtained a study leave to study law in Egypt, and obtained a scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Iraqi higher education and scientific research moved to England, but he chose France and finished his studies there in 1989. He continued to work in the College of Law as a teacher, then as head of the law department at Al-Remah Evening College of Law (1994-1996), and as a teacher at Al-Hadbaa University College in Nineveh (1994-1995). In 1997, he traveled to teach in Libya at the Faculty of Law and Accounting at the University of Sirte Gulf, where he served as Head of the Law Department until 2000. He moved to Ajman University of Science and Technology in the United Arab Emirates to teach in the College of Basic Education (Department of Islamic and Arab Studies), then he became the university’s legal advisor until 2006. He taught at the Gulf Cooperation College in the UAE as a visiting professor in 2005-2006. He moved to the College of Law at Ajman University of Science and Technology to teach there until the year (2012), when he returned to Iraq after his resignation from there, and in (2013) he returned to the College of Law at the University of Mosul until the year (2016), when he was referred for retirement and returned to the legal profession.

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