Prof. Dr.Hanaa Ehsan Hasan

Dr. Hanaa Ihsan Hassan teacher at Al-Noor University College. She obtained a master’s degree from the University of Dundee/England and obtained a doctorate from the University of Mosul, College of Science, specializing in Radiological Nuclear Physics. She taught in the Physics Department for all levels and a number of subjects, including nuclear physics, atomic physics, thermodynamic physics, and electrical physics. She was a supervisor of the Nuclear Research Laboratory for postgraduate studies. She taught many methodological topics that students used to study, and she has many research papers published locally and internationally. She graduated many master’s and doctoral students in this specialty, and she participated in many local, Arab, and international conferences and seminars, in addition to her participation in a number of Civil society organizations and obtaining many letters of thanks and appreciation from various parties, including the University of Mosul and the universities, organizations and conferences in which they participated.

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