Asst. Lect.Waheed Abdi Sheekhoo

As a professor, I obtained a master’s degree in physics engineering, specializing in nuclear physics from the Turkish University of Gaziantep under the supervision of Professor Dr. Okan Ozer in 2018. After that, I joined the University of Duhok and worked there as a visiting professor for three years (2018 to 2021) specifically in the College of Basic Education, Department of General Sciences, the subjects I studied during these years were: 1. Academic dialogue. 2. Mathematics. 3. Thermodynamics – practical. 4. General Physics – Theoretical and Practical. Then I joined, simultaneously with the final year at the University of Duhok, Al-Noor University College/Department of Radiology and Sonar Technologies, and worked there as an assistant in the first semester for the following subjects: 1. Radiation protection - practical for the second stage. 2. Radiological device techniques - practical for the second stage. 3. Radiation protection - practical for the third stage. In the second year (2020), I was assigned to teach the subjects Radiation Protection - my work for the second and third stages, and until now. Academic activity: I participated in the “International Physical Conference of the Turkish Physical Society” in the city of Bodrum with research (calculating the critical mass for fission chain reactions using the Monte Carlo method), in 2018. I am now working on research in collaboration with Professor Dr. Hana Ihsan. Other experiences: I worked in the Dareen Group of Companies as a communications engineer in the radio frequency department for three years. In addition, I worked in the Al Fajr Al Badie Group of Companies as a supervisor of engineers in the radio frequency and tower inspection department for two years.

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