Asst. Lect.Zinah Salem Oufi Muhammad

Lecturer Zeina Salem graduated in 2014 and completed her master’s studies and obtained an excellent grade in Biology, specializing in microbiology/subspecialization in Medical Mycology. She joined Al-Noor University College in 2020 and studied in the medical laboratory department, the subject of hematology and medical mycology, and in the pharmacy department, the subject of biosecurity. She participated in more than An international conference (the Science Conference at the University of Duhok) and a conference with the Malaysian University.. and I obtained more than one certificate of appreciation.. She published 2 research papers in international journals within the Scopus archives, one of which was (molecular diagnosis of vaginal Candida yeast in pregnant and non-pregnant women in Duhok Governorate / Kurdistan) The second research was entitled (Detection of hydrolytic enzyme activity of Candida yeast in women who suffer from diabetes and women who do not suffer from diabetes in Duhok / Kurdistan)

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