The 2nd International Conference on Medical and Health Sciences

venue:Alnoor university college,Mosal

orgnaizer: Alnoor university college,Nineva ,Iraq,April,2024

Conference Chair:Prof. Dr. Yassen Taha AL-Hajar

Conference Co-Chairs:  Pro.Dr.Samir khalaf Abdullah,Asst. Pro.Dr.nabeel ahmed jarjees

:Under the Slogan

From Research to Practice in Health Sciences

The event will give opportunities for academic scientists, researchers, and doctors from all areas of medical sciences, health sciences, and related disciplines to share the experiences, and discuss the recent scientific research


The 2nd International Conference on Medical and Health Sciences

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Committees of International Conference on The 2nd International Conference on Medical and Health Sciences

العمادة, الكادر التدريسي, ادارة مجلس الكلية, قسم تقنيات المختبرات الطبية
معاون العميد للشؤون العلمية

العمادة, الكادر التدريسي, قسم تقنيات المختبرات الطبية
معاون العميد للشؤون الادارية

قسم تقنيات المختبرات الطبية
رئيس قسم المختبرات الطبية

العمادة, الكادر التدريسي
السيد العميد

قسم الصيدلة
رئيس قسم الصيدلة

قسم طب الأسنان
رئيس قسم طب الاسنان

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رئيس قسم صناعة الاسنان

قسم طب الأسنان

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قسم تقنيات صناعة الاسنان

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قسم تقنيات الاشعة والسونار
رئيس قسم تقنيات الاشعة والسونار

Submission Guide

The submitted paper must not be published, and not considered elsewhere for publication. The submissionis electronic ; (DOC format only) will be considered..
The paper should be designed based on the IEEE format with no more than 6 pages.

Publication Opportunities

“Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore’s scope and quality requirements”

IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (e.g., removal from IEEE Xplore) in two cases: if the paper is not presented at the conference, or if the quality and findings of the paper are not well explored and convincing

This will be checked by IEEE with all accepted papers. Any accepted paper without presenting the work, the paper will be withdrawn from the conference proceeding, and will not be submitted to the IEEEXplore Digital Library

Conference Proceedings

All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceeding (digital copy on CD) and a book of abstracts will be given to all participants on the registration day

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conference committees

:Organizing committee

Prof. Dr. Yassin Taha Al-Hajar                  (The Dean of Al-Noor University College)
Prof. Dr. Samir Khalaf Abdullah               (Dean Assistant for Scientific Affairs)
Asst. Prof. Dr. Nabeel Ahmed Jarjees     (Dean Assistant for Administrative Affairs)
Prof. Dr. Yassar Yahya Al-Tamer              (Head of Medical Laboratory Techniques Department)
Prof. Dr. Essam Hamo Mahmood             (Head of Pharmacy Department)
Prof. Dr. Talal Hameed Al-Salman           (Dentistry Department )
Asst. Prof. Dr. Wael Sheet Hussain          (Head of Dental industry Techniques Department)
Asst. prof. Dr. Ismail Khalaf Al-Khafaji  (Head of Optometry Department)
Asst.Prof.Dr. Bassim Idris Thanoon        (Head of Anesthesiology Department)
Asst.Prof.Dr.Nawfal Yousif Jamil             ( Head of Radiology and Sonar Department )
Dr. Hani Muslim Ahmed                               (Alnoor University College )
Asst.Prof.Dr. Muataz Ghazi Saadallah     (Head of Dentistry Department)

:Scientific committee

Prof.Dr.Faris Abdlmawjod Ahmed                                        (Alnoor University College)
Prof.Dr.Muna Abdulbasit Kashmola                                     (Mosul University)
Prof.Dr.Hussain Faisal Al-Huwezi                                         (Baghdad University)
Prof.Dr.Ismail Ibrahim                                                             ( Alnoor University College)
Prof.Dr.Samira Muhamed Mustafa                                        ( Alnoor University College)
Prof. Ahmed Yehya Kassim                                                      ( Alnoor University College)
Asst.Prof.Dr.RayanSalem Hamid                                             (Mosul University)
Asst.Prof.Dr. Bassam Adwar                                                     (Nineva University)
Asst.Prof.Dr.Mueen Muwafaq Nayef                                      ( Alnoor University College)
Asst.Prof.Dr.Maarib Hameed Ahmed                                    ( Alnoor University College)
Asst.Prof.Dr.Nuhad Abdulwahab Muhamed                        ( Alnoor University College)
Asst.Prof Dr.Wafa Muhamed Ali                                            ( Alnoor University College)
Dr. Harith Al-Kazzaz                                                               (Mosul University)
Dr.Muaed Aziz Abdulkader                                                   ( Alnoor University College)
Dr.Musab Muhamed Khalaf                                                 (Mosul University)
Dr.Omer Qutaiba Al-leyla                                                     ( Alnoor University College)
Dr.Nabeel Muhamed Jawad                                                 ( Alnoor University College)
Sattar B. Sadkhan – SMIEEE- Iraq Member
Abbas S. Sadkhan- IEEE Iraq Section Chair
Sabiha F. Jawad – SMIEEE – Iraq Member
Ivan A. Hashim – IEEE member- Iraq Member
Ahmed Alkhayyat- IEEE Member-Iraq Member
Jumana Waleed – IEEE member- Iraq Member
Mehdi Ebadi – IEEE member
Rusul S. Bader – IEEE member

Conference topics
Biomedical sciences
Public Health
Medical Microbiology
Clinical Biochemistry
Dental Materials
Oral Diseases
Tooth Decaying
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Nanotechnology in Medical Sciences

:International Steering committee

Sattar B. Sadkhan-  SMIEEE- Iraq
 Raad S. Fayadh –   Iraq
 Jawad K. Ali – SMIEEE- Iraq
Eva Vona- Czech Republic
 Stefano Bregni – Italy
 A.S.N. Chakravarthy- India
 Ghassan H. Majeed – Iraq
Sedat Akleylek- Turkey
 Hadi T. Zebon- Iraq

:Media committee
Mr.Yehya Salem Ibrahim
Ms.Zahra Salim
Mr.Mohmoud Ameen
Mr.Zaid alnaaib
Mr.Aws Nashwan
Mr.Saeed bassman
Mr.Ali Amer Ased

:website committe

Ass.Lect.Mohammed Abdulkreem Mohammed
Ms.Khalida Walid Nathim
Ms.Marwa Mahmood Younis
Ms.Narmin Rashid Hussien

:EDAS Comittee

Sattar B. Sadkhan – IEEE Iraq Section  
 Sabiha F. Jawad – IEEE Iraq Section
 Abbas S. Sadkhan- IEEE Iraq Section Chair
Ahmed Yakdhan Saleh-AL-Noor-University-College

:Financial committee

Dr.Nabeel Ahmed Jarjees
Mr.Ahmed Amer Abdul-Azziz
Mr.Osama Firas Osama


Feel free to contact us and ask about more information that related to the conference