Radio Director
Muhammed Rajab(Muhammed Zaki)


Aya Jamal Fared
Arkan Raad
Zahraa Salim

Montage & Graphic
Waleed Akif Mahmmud

Zaid Mwafak Dakhil
Abdulah Muhanned Salih
Nooh Manhal

Radio FM Al- Noor station opened at Al Noor University College on Thursday,2/2/2023 at the college location in Al-Shalalat district in Mosul in the presence of the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Dr. Ahmed Fakak , Mr. Najem Al-Jabouri, Nineveh Governor, Public, Arab, Iraqi, media and artistic figures. At the start of the official broadcast, the radio has been announced with the voice of Amal Al-Mudarres, the leading journalist. Al-Noor FM radio considers the first university radio station concerned with scientific, social, and cultural items. It broadcasts in Nineveh Governorate on a frequency of 99.5

Al-Noor Radio FM is interested in publishing the lasted information and study, and tips via the broadcasting social and cultural programs and hosting specialized guests with scientific and academic knowledge experience.

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Kurek :07501884666

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