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Why Al-Noor University College?

Al-Noor University College is officially recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education according to the approval of the Council of Ministers No. 365 in 2012 and it is located in Nineveh Governorate

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Most Frequent Questions

Does the college provide dorms for students from other governorates?2022-01-29T09:25:19+03:00

There are dorms for students, equipped with all amenities such as furniture etc.

What are the privileges granted to the top students in departments during their studies?2022-08-10T09:16:20+03:00

الامتياز الاول : قبول الطالب الاول على المرحلة وبتقدير لا يقل عن (جيد جدا) في الكليات والجامعات الحكومية وحسب تعليمات وزارة التعليم العالي والبحث العلمي

The second privilege: Reducing tuition fees for students who obtain the first three positions at a rate determined by the Ministry of Higher Education in each academic year.

Is there a development of new academic departments in the future?2022-08-10T09:17:03+03:00

تقوم اللجنة المختصة بدراسة استحداث اقسام جديدة في كليتنا وفي حالة استحداث اي قسم جديد سيتم الاعلان عنه

What are the available departments in the college?2022-08-10T09:18:17+03:00

في الكلية اقسام طبية وعلمية وهي 

  1.  Department of Dentistry (Morning Study)
  2. Department of Pharmacy (Morning Study)
  3. Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques (Morning & Evening Study)
  4. Department of Optical Techniques (Morning & Evening Study)
  5. Department of Radiology & Sonar Techniques (Morning & Evening Study)
  6. Department of Dental Industry Techniques (Morning & Evening Study)
  7.  Department of Anesthesia Techniques (Morning & Evening Study)
  8.  Department of Construction Engineering & Projects Management Techniques (Morning Study)

In addition to Departments for Humanities

  1. Department of Law (Morning & Evening Study)
  2. Department of Physical Education & Sport Sciences (Morning & Evening Study)
  3. English Department (Morning & Evening Study)
  4. Arabic Department (Morning Study)

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