• The administrative structure of the University Security Division

First - the college's security and protection officer

Secondly - security guards distributed over the college facilities

Third - a receptionist officer

Fourth - a female students' inspector

Fifth - a male students' inspector

  • The University Security Division consists of the following facilities:

First - main inquiries at the entrance of the college, including the switchboard operator

Second - Deanship Entrance Inquiries

Third - the female students' inspection room

Fourth - the male students' inspection room

Fifth - the university security office, which includes the control screens for the cameras installed on the external floors of the college and the cameras inside the inner courtyard and the student center

Sixth - The cameras control room which are installed inside the building to monitor the facilities and the internal floors

Seventh - A front car park for teachers and employees, being accessed through magnetic cards using IDs (electronic gate).

Eighth - a private side park for students and visitors' cars

First - protect the outer ring of the college

Second - Provide safe environment for students inside campus

Third - Maintaining to follow orders and accepted public traditions inside the college campus

Fourth - Maintaining that there is no quarrel between students and resolving disputes, if any inside the college in coordination with the Student Affairs Office

Fifth: Inspecting students and visitors to the college and verifying their identities

Sixth - Permanent monitoring of students' movement, college facilities, and the external college ring through the monitoring cameras