our vision

Work on preparing students scientifically correctly, and developing their scientific skills in order that they can fulfill the requirements of the fields of work and production and be creative in them in order to achieve permanence in pumping teaching members that maintain the principle of upgrading society.

our message

First –stand on the community’s actual need for specializations, and know the requirements of the labor market through questionnaires, surveys, and field readings.

Second: Providing laboratories furnished with the latest scientific equipment, a suitable environment insurance for students to work on, and furnishing these laboratories according to the required quality specifications.

Third - Training students on advanced and modern devices and informing them new technologies and discoveries in their field of specialization.

our aim

First - The college seeks to achieve the goals of higher education by preparing students to be able scientific staff who able to go to their positions in the sectors of work, administration and production.

Second – providing students with the latest information and scientific disclosures in the various fields of specialization open in the college .