First standard : Infrastructure

In the first steps of building its new location, Al-Noor University College sought to provide environmentally friendly buildings and increase green spaces through: -

Treeing campaigns carried out by students and teachers

Sponsored by Prof. Dr. Yaseen Taha Al-Hajjar Dean of Al-Noor University College and the in presence of the Head of the Department of Dentistry
Prof. Dr.Talal Hamid Al-Salman And with the participation of Dr. Imtithal Ali Mohammed and Dr. Zeena Dabian Mohammed Zaki  And Mrs. Aseel Mohammed Hamid and Mr. Ashraf Ahmed Maysar and eighty-three students from the Department of Dentistry from all levels. Under the slogan (Noorona - Green), on Tuesday, 24/5/2022, a large tree planting campaign was completed at Al-Noor University College at the Waterfalls site. In a wonderful green carnival, the department’s students planted their trees there in response to the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and its urging to hold afforestation campaigns to increase green spaces and invest in clean energy. It is the first large-scale afforestation campaign in the college.

Medical clinics such as dental clinics

Providing corridors for people with special needs

 Providing security and safety means in all parts of the college, including fire extinguishers, surveillance cameras, and fire alarms.