Registration and Admission Requirements

The Division of Registration and Students Affairs is the gateway to entry to the college and its scientific and administrative divisions, from which the college student’s journey begins theoretically and practically, starting from applying to the college until the student obtains the graduation certificate to start his practical journey in life depending on the science and knowledge he has received during his studies at college, or to continue his academic study to obtain a higher educational certificate.

  • First:- Coordinating with Media Division in the college before the beginning of the application to the admission in the college to prepare and print a special brochure about the college, its scientific and humanitarian departments, its study systems and the student’s commitment to those systems in order to conduct his university career in a smooth and coordinated manner. additionally, introducing applicants to it to recognize inputs, acceptance average, the application mechanism established by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and other introductory matters that will facilitate the application and registration process for the student after his name appears among the accepted ones in the college.
  • Second:- Supervising and following up the students’ submission to the scientific and humanitarian departments in the college. This task is considered one of the most prominent tasks and the most important entrance in the Registration and Student Affairs Division, which requires the implementation of the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research by checking the admission entries for students while filling out the college application form.
  • Third:- The Registration and Student Affairs Division has the most important role in welcoming accepted students after the college application process to start their new academic year, which will be different from the school stages. Hereby, the Registration Division acquaints students with the requirements of the registration process from preparatory school documents, identification documents, medical examination and other required documents and according to the accepted student's status on the application channels.
  • Fourth:- The Division of Registration and Student Affairs performs its fourth task by registering accepted students, each according to the department and study he has been accepted in, receiving registration requirements from preparatory school documents, identification documents, medical examination, etc., and preparing them for the purpose of completing the students’ files.
  • Fifth:- Completing the files of the accepted students (student file) is also an important task, as the Division makes a special paper file for the student in which the information requested from the student is recorded, in addition to keeping copies of the school document and other registration requirements in this file and archiving it electronically and updating that archive whenever there is an update in the student's academic career.
  • Sixth:- After completing the previous five tasks and after the student starts studying in his department, the Registration and Student Affairs Division follows up the progress of the college students in all aspects that are related to their theoretical and practical studies and the implementation of the student’s fundamental requirements based on the instructions and regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Department of Private University Education, and overcoming all obstacles that College students may encounter during their undergraduate study at the college.
  • Seventh:- Checking the documents of the student's preparatory study and working on obtaining the validity of the issuance of these documents, as they are considered one of the important procedures for the student’s graduation.
  • Eighth:- Establishing a database for students annually, both in paper and electronically, for all departments and at all academic levels and providing the Ministry with a copy of it.
  • Ninth:- Issuing a certificate of continuity for students according to their request and after making sure that the student is still studying according to the database and according to the regulations in force at the college.
  • Tenth:- Issuing a certificate of graduation for students in accordance with university orders and the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  • Eleventh:- Issuing graduation certificates for graduates after checking the administrative orders for granting them a bachelor’s degree.
  • Twelfth:- Organizing the incoming and outgoing mail on paper through the registers, and archiving them electronically as well.

Through these detailed tasks, it becomes clear that the Registration and Student Affairs Division is the gateway to the college, through which, application and registration are made possible in the scientific and humanitarian departments of the college, and it is the one that accompanies the student in his/her academic journey, seeking to overcome all the obstacles he/she faces, as well as completing its role in serving the college’s scientific march and upgrading the education level to highest levels locally and internationally.