One of the important pillars in the structure of Al-Noor University College is the Division of Administrative Affairs, which is directly connected to the Dean and includes a distinguished elite of employees, each according to his specialization. It is one of the main executive departments at the college and the first cycle through which the administrative and legal procedures are launched in the employments and the subsequent procedures throughout the period of existence of the teacher and employee, in addition to printing and issuing books and orders that draw lines of work and transmit directions and decisions to the all affiliates.

First - the management of human resources affairs in the college

Second - Organizing and managing personal files and creating an integrated database on permanent and temporary staff

Third - Providing and updating statistical tables on employees

Fourth - Follow up on controlling the employees’ working hours and their regular and sickness leaves through the fingerprint system and the records for that within the instructions and regulations applied in the college

Fifth - Follow up on the legal affairs of the college in official and semi-official institutions and courts

Sixth - Creating a system for electronic archiving of personal files, incoming and outgoing mail, and general preservation

Seventh - Printing correspondence, notes and administrative orders issued by the college and organizing mail sending between divisions and departments in a simplified mechanism.

Eighth - Providing assistance and support to all departments in order to facilitate the functioning of the college