Conferences and Seminars Plan

Conference plan

The First International Electronic Scientific Conference on Healthcare Online9-10/4/2021
Supporting the 7th Mosul Dental Conference and ExhibitionNineveh Health Directorate and the Dental Association12-13/11/2021Financial support
Supporting the Second International Scientific Conference on Medical and Biological Technologies Northern Technical University.10-11/11/2021Financial support
Al-Noor University College held the first scientific conference on English language, literature, and teaching methods Al-Noor University College conference hall15 -16/3/2022
The Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the college held the first student conference for graduation research for fourth-year students Al-Noor University College 25-26\5\2022
Al-Noor University College holds the first student conference for fourth-year students in the Department of English Al-Noor University College 29\5\2022
The Law Department at Al-Noor University College held a student conference for fourth-year students Al-Noor University College 18\5\2022
In cooperation between the University of Mosul and Al-Noor University College, the nineteenth international scientific conference was held for the faculties of physical education and sports sciences and their departments, and the tenth conference for young researchers.
University of Mosul May/ 31 June 1-2 / 2022
Al-Noor University College holds a conference in cooperation with the Continuing Education Division (World Diabetes Day) Conference Al-Noor University College 12/20/2022
Proceedings of the Second Scientific Conference for Linguistic and Literary Studies and Contemporary Teaching Methods held at Al-Noor University CollegeAl-Noor University College 8-9/3/2023
Al-Noor University College held the first conference in Nineveh and the eleventh in Iraq for inventors and innovators.Al-Noor University College 3/2/2023
A special conference to discuss graduation research for fourth-year students Al-Noor University College 4/15/2023From 15/4/2023 until 17/4/20
The English Language Department at Al-Noor University College held the second student conference. Al-Noor University College 4/27/2023
A conference to discuss graduation research for fourth-year students in the Department of Physical Education and Sports SciencesAl-Noor University College 2-3/5/2023
The second student conference to discuss graduation research for fourth-year students Al-Noor University College 5/6/2023
Annual Student Conference for Graduation Research of Fourth Year Students in the Department of Radiology Techniques Al-Noor University College 5/14/2023
The first student scientific conference in the Arabic Language DepartmentAl-Noor University College 5/13/2023
The Department of Pharmacy held its annual scientific conference for the research of fifth-year studentsAl-Noor University College 5/24/2023
The First Conference for Bridging Local Government with Public and Private Higher Education Mosul / Al-Gabat Area 6/10/2023
The Department of Anesthesia Techniques at the College Held its Annual Student Conference to Discuss Graduation Research. Al-Noor University College 20-21/6/2023
The Department of Dental Prosthetics Techniques held its annual student conference for graduation research, where students gathered to present and defend their research before committees formed by the department’s teaching staff.Al-Noor University College 6/25/2023
The Department of Optics Techniques at the college held its annual student conference to discuss graduation research as part of the requirements for students to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the specialty. Al-Noor University College 6/22/2023
Al-Noor University College organizes 'The First International Mosul Poetry Forum' in collaboration with the Educational Teachers Association in Nineveh, the Union of Writers and Authors in Nineveh, and Betna Foundation from July 15th to 18th, 2023.University of Mosul 15-18/7/2023
The First International Conference on Aviation and Sustainable DevelopmentAl-Noor University College 20-21/9/2023
The first scientific conference on Law and the Digital WorldAl-Noor University College 24-25/9/2023
The Second International Scientific Conference on Medical Sciences in Turkey Al-Noor University College 20-21/9/2023
The second joint international scientific conference under the title (Sports Science and its Future Prospects in Developing Arab Sports)Lebanon3-5/10/2023
The English Department held a conference entitled (AI & technology Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education)Al-Noor University College(6-7)-3- 2024
International confrance on medical and health Science Al-Noor University College (17-18)-4 2024
Second International Conference on Aviation and Sustainable DevelopmentTurkey / Gelisim University22-23-5-2024

Workshops and Seminars Plan

Activity titleType of activityLecturerEntity implementing the activityDate
Raising awareness of the importance of coordination between students and their representatives at the stage and in student groups (groups)Guidance lectureAsst. Prof. Dr. Shaker Mahmoud SaeedDepartment of Pharmacy5/10/2023
ABC in fixed prosthonticsTraining course and workshopProf. Dr. Talal Hameed MohammedDepartment of Dentistry2/11/2023
Dental implants/surgical partTwo-month training course (one hour per week)Dr. Bashar Abdul GhaniDepartment of Dentistry6/11/2023
Rubber dam application and isolation of operative fieldTheoretical lectureAsst. Prof. Dr. Nawfal Abdalmalik AbdalftahDepartment of Dentistry6/11/2023
Cosmic physics and it’s analogySeminarDr. Ahmed Mohammed MahmoudOptics Techniques12/11/2023
Medication safety week awareness lectureAsst. Prof. Dr. Omar Qutayba Badr Al-Din MahmoudAl-Noor University College\ Department of Pharmacy12/11/2023
Specialist pharmacist Mustafa Basil MohammedNineveh Health Department
Rubber dam application and isolation of operative fieldWorkshopAsst. Prof. Dr. Nawfal Abdalmalik AbdalftahDepartment of Dentistry13/11/2023
Radioactive Radon gas and the public healthDiscussion panelDr. Rashed Mahmoud YousifDepartment of Dentistry20/11/2023
Challenges in fiber post restorationTheoretical lectureAsst. Prof. Dr. Maan Muwaffaq NayefDepartment of Dentistry27/11/2023
Esthetic in DentistryTheoretical lectureDr. Qubais HachemDepartment of Dentistry28/11/2023
Pharmaceutical sciences are your companion towards better healthThe Second Scientific Cultural Pharmaceutical ForumAsst. Lect. Nada Khairy Younis Al-AsadiDepartment of Pharmacy/Al-Noor University College30/11/2023
Dr. Hasan Saad Saeed Al-DewachiCollege of Pharmacy/University of Nineveh
An advisory lecture for first-year students about university life and the nature of relationships between students and teachersLecture Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques2/12/2023
Liquid biopsyLectureAsst. Prof. Dr. Abdulkareem Younis Al-TaieDepartment of Dentistry4/12/2023
Legal LanguageSeminarAsst. Lect. Mohammed Taher SattamDepartment of English13/12/2023
A lecture on university study, methods of delivering lectures and exams, and distributing semester grades.Lecture Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques14/12/2023
Digital work flow in crown bridge workshopDr. Wael Sheet Yasser AbdulmoniemDepartment of Dental Prosthetics16/12/2023
Norm and tenormLectureProf. Dr. Hanaa Ehsan Al-BarodiDepartment of Radiology18/12/2023
Everything about IELTSSeminarAsst. Prof. Azher Suleiman SalehDepartment of English20/12/2023
Intra-oral scanworkshopDr. Wael Sheet Yasser AbdulmoniemDepartment of Dental Prosthetics25/12/2023
Radiation in our lives and diagnostic and therapeutic devicesLectureProf. Dr. Hanaa Ehsan Al-BarodiDepartment of Radiology25/1/2024
Swile DesignworkshopDr. Ashrif MoyasserDepartment of Dental Prosthetics30/1/2024
Awareness of the harms of using mobile phones Prof. Dr. Isam Hamo1/2/2024
Explanatory lectureDepartment of Pharmacy
Seminar to support people with special needssymposiumAsst. Lect. Nada Khairi YounisDepartment of Pharmacy6/2/2024
Morphology atterior teethworkshopDr. Ali ReyadDepartment of Dental Prosthetics7/2/2024
Sensitivity and specificity in epidemilogy LectureDr. Moayad AzizDepartment of Anesthesia Techniques8/2/2024
Face-bowworkshopDr. Ahmed KhalidDepartment of Dental Prosthetics15/2/2024
Workshop (evaluation exam) directing students to the importance of understanding the nature of the questions in the evaluation exam and the accuracy of the answers on the answer sheet.workshopDepartment of Medical Laboratory Techniques18/2/2024
Some diagnosis of some parasitic and blood diseases and their effect on the physiological functions of the human and animal bodyTraining CourseLect. Imtithal Ali Optics Techniques19/2/2024
Quantifiers and pleacifiers problems SeminarDr. Waadulallah Yonis Mohammed SalihDepartment of English20/2/2024
Esthtic waxingworkshopTechnician Ibrahim MahmoudDepartment of Dental Prosthetics24/2/2024
Forensic linguistics: the potential contribution on AL SeminarProf. Dr. Bassim Yahya Jassim Department of English29/2/2024
surgical guide for dental implantworkshopDr. Wael Ayad KhederDepartment of Dental Prosthetics2/3/2024
Dental adhesionTheoretical lectureAsst. Prof. Dr. Maan Muwaffaq NayefDepartment of Dentistry4/3/2024
Artificial intelligence in translation SeminarDr, Nadhem Yonis Salih AbdDepartment of English10/3/2024
Introduction to Monte Carlo simulationworkshopAsst. Lect. Wael AbdullatifDepartment of Anesthesia Techniques11/3/2024
Exhibiting Ethical VirtuesGuidance lectureProf. Dr. Omar Qutayba Badr Al-DinDepartment of Pharmacy12/3/2024
The art of manmofacial prosthesisworkshopDr. Jala MeranDepartment of Dental Prosthetics15/3/2024
The professional impact of Metaverse technologyDiscussion panelDr. Rashed Mahmoud YousifDepartment of Dentistry18/3/2024
Seminar (Coping with University Life) Academic System in Different Educational Stages and Managing Topic Diversity in the Semester SystemsymposiumDepartment of Medical Laboratory Techniques20/3/2024
Academic Research Writing Methodology.SeminarAsst. Lect. Rakan Assi KalafDepartment of English23/3/2024
MicrodentistryTheoretical lectureDr. Qubais HachemDepartment of Dentistry26/3/2024
Lecture (Graduation Research Projects) directing students on how to research various types of scientific sources, including books, scientific journals, and Internet sites.LectureDepartment of Medical Laboratory Techniques28/3/2024
Impact of Blemded learning on second language learningSeminarAsst. Lect. Manhal Ibrahim AbdullahDepartment of English31/3/2024
Dental photographyworkshop Dr. Ali ReyadDepartment of Dental Prosthetics1/4/2024
Standards of the Common Ozi Framework Linguistic References (CECRL)Asst. Prof. Mohammed Zuhair ZidanDepartment of English4/4/2024
Bond concept in bio microbic dentistryworkshopDr. Ali ReyadDepartment of Dental Prosthetics6/4/2024
Bloom’s TaxonomySeminarAsst. Prof. Dr. Nedaa Salem OmarDepartment of English7/4/2024
Genotherapy Theoretical lectureAsst. Prof. Dr. Abdulkareem Younis Al-TaieDepartment of Dentistry8/4/2024
An analysis of Animal FarmSeminar Asst. Lect. Mahmoud Walid HashemDepartment of English10/4/2024
Medicines that contain probiotics, Probiotic, what the best time to use probioticsLectureAsst. Lect. Rawaa Asime Ahmed11/4/2024
Asst. Lect. Sahar Khalid Abdulhameed
Asst. Lect. Zahraa Ibrahim Mohammed
Asst. Lect. Maryam Ahmed Yonis
Enheduanna the Akadian PoetessSeminarLect. Muyassar Qasim ThanonDepartment of English13/4/2024
The use of auxiliary verbs in English tensesSeminarDr. Ahmed AbdulatheemDepartment of English20/4/2024
Using Artificial Intelligence applications (Chat GPT) for writing scientific researchTraining WorkshopLect. Imtithal AliDepartment of Optics Techniques23/4/2024
The role of interpreting in the modern world SeminarAsst. Lect. Yasser Abdulaziz TahaDepartment of English24/4/2024
Developing lecture preparation skills, benefiting from modern technology, and improving the development of Word and the InternetWorkshop Asst. Prof. Dr. Shaker Mahmoud SaeedDepartment of Pharmacy26/4/2024
The influence of translation on intercultural communication SeminarAsst. Lect. Noor Ali SuleimanDepartment of English27/4/20224
Workshop (Summer Training) Guiding students in trying to make the most of summer training using laboratory methods and modern equipmentworkshopDepartment of Medical Laboratory Techniques30/4/2024
Disintegration of the familySeminarAsst. Lect. Amira Faris HamadDepartment of English10/5/2024
Environmental pollutionLectureProf. Dr. Hanaa Ehsan Al-BarodiDepartment of Radiology20/5/2024
Structural craftsmanship in John Milington Synge’s “Riders to the sea”SeminarLect. Shatha Aman AllahDepartment of English17/6/2024
Hero’s journeySeminarAsst. Prof. Karam Hashim SultanDepartment of English 25/6/2024
Scientific research methodologySeminarAsst. Prof. Dr. Hasib Elias HadedDepartment of English7/7/2024
The effects of some toxic substances, parasite diseases, and physiological changes on the body’s organs.Training CourseLect. Imtithal AliOptics Techniques20/7/2024
Psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress disorderSeminarAsst. Lect. Sarah Mohammed Abdulrazaq Department of English31/7/2024
Language teachingSeminarAsst. Lect. Mustafa Mahmood NoamanDepartment of English11/8/2024
Ultrasound imagingSeminarAsst. Prof. Dr. Momtaz Mohammed SalihDepartment of Radiology20/8/2024
Money and loveDiscussionAsst. Prof. Isam Mohamed Mahmood Jassim Department of English24/8/2024
Experimental methodSeminarAsst. Lect. Sarah Mohammed AbdulrazaqDepartment of English29/8/2024
Some physiological laboratory tests for blood and parasitic diseases common to humans and animalsTraining CourseLect. Imtithal AliOptics Techniques31/8/2024