Dean's Speech

The faculties of private university education are a true substitute for their peers from the faculties of governmental university education.. Together, they stem from one source and flow into one estuary… Their message is the same. The only difference is that the colleges of higher education are open to receiving qualified people who missed the government higher education chance for any reason, as without their eligibility they cannot obtain a seat at any private college. Al-Noor University College is one of these private colleges. It was established to receive students in medical specializations to qualify the student to graduate and be employed by the central employment like his peers in the counterpart colleges within the governmental university education. There are also humanitarian specializations in which students are rehabilitated to be able to participate in the field of work, management and production. In general, the college has spent half a decade of its life, and it is an opportunity to present its scientific scene through the first introductory guide issued by it. We ask Allah that we have succeeded in preparing it.

The Dean of the College undertakes the following duties:

A- Being the president of the college council, inviting it, implementing its decisions, and representing the college before official and unofficial institutions.

b- Managing the academic, administrative and financial affairs of the college legally.

C- Issuing a statement of appointing the dean assistants of the college.

D- Issuing a statement of appointing heads of college departments.

E - Approval on the appointment of the dean assistant and heads of departments at the college.

F- Signing contracts and agreements associated with the approval of the College Council.

g- Approving on the decisions of the committees related to write-off, appraisal and rent legally.

H- Dispatching faculty members inside and outside Iraq.

I- Recommending the donation of transferred funds to universities, colleges and scientific and educational institutions inside Iraq.

J- Approving on the payment of rewards to those who provide services to the college or contribute to its development.