Dean's Speech

The faculties of private university education are a true substitute for their peers from the faculties of governmental university education.. Together, they stem from one source and flow into one estuary… Their message is the same. The only difference is that the colleges of higher education are open to receiving qualified people who missed the government higher education chance for any reason, as without their eligibility they cannot obtain a seat at any private college. Al-Noor University College is one of these private colleges. It was established to receive students in medical specializations to qualify the student to graduate and be employed by the central employment like his peers in the counterpart colleges within the governmental university education. There are also humanitarian specializations in which students are rehabilitated to be able to participate in the field of work, management and production. In general, the college has spent half a decade of its life, and it is an opportunity to present its scientific scene through the first introductory guide issued by it. We ask Allah that we have succeeded in preparing it.

Al-Noor University College

Al-Noor University College rose on the land of Nineveh in 2013, when it started its first academic year to complete the scene of higher education in this governorate through private academic institutions that carry the message of government colleges and their sobriety, expand the horizons of accepting students and open new opportunities for those wishing to complete their university studies and are not able to be accepted in govenmental education.

The college currently includes a number of scientific departments, some of which are old, dating back to the year of foundation, and others are new, these departments are:

Department of Dentistry (Morning Study)

Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques (Morning & Evening Study)

Department of Law (Morning & Evening Study)

Dept. of Physical Education & Sport Sciences (Morning and Evening Study)

Department of English Language (Morning & Evening Study)

Department of Arabic Language (Morning & Evening Study)

Added Departments:

Department of Pharmacy (Morning Study)

Department of Optical Techniques (Morning & Evening Study)

Dept. of Radiology & Sonar Techniques (Morning & Evening Study)

Dept. of Dental Industry (Morning & Evening Study)

Department of Anesthesia Techniques (Morning & Evening Study)

New Departments:

Dept. of Construction Engineering & Projects Management

Thus, the number of departments at the college are twelve scientific departments.

The college has an experienced, locally and internationally well-known teaching staff, who holds the highest scientific degrees and has a long prestigious experience and expertise supported by an experienced and efficient administrative and technical staff, in addition to furnishing scientific laboratories equipped with the latest technologies, educational means and theoretical lecture classrooms that can accommodates all students in addition to a number of air-conditioned and furnished dorms.

The college tries to achieve the goals of Iraqi higher education in its three major fields, which are preparing students scientifically to qualify them to enter the fields of work, administration, production and leadership. Support the scientific research by preparing the teaching staff to produce innovative researches and present scientific activities such as seminars and conferences, participate in scientific activities and publish in refereed scientific journals. Finally, serving the society by extending bridges with the reservoirs of scientific and knowledge giving and adopting everything that would serve the environment for settlement, meeting the needs according to their compatibility with the specializations of the college and directing research towards examining the problems that exist in reality and proposing solutions to them

Studying System

The study system in the college follows the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the regulations in force therein. Students are given admission through using the same mechanism adopted by the corresponding governmental colleges. The college requires the applicant to have a certificate that qualify students for admission in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The study at the college lasts for five years in the departments of dentistry and pharmacy, and for four years in other departments. The student then obtains a bachelor's degree in the specialization he studies in morning and evening study.

Al-Noor University College Departments

جميع اقسام كلية النور الجامعة

رؤيتنـا :

العمل على اعداد الطلبة اعدادآ علميآ صحيحآ, وتنمية مهاراتهم العلمية لكي يستطيعوا ان يلبوا متطلبات ميادين العمل والأنتاج ويبدعوا فيها بما يحقق الديمومه في ضخ الكوادر التي تحافظ على مبدأ الأرتقاء بالمجتمع.

رسالتنـا :

اولآ – الوقوف على حاجة المجتمع الفعلية الى الاختصاصات, ومعرفة متطلبات سوق العمل عبر الأستبيانات والمسوح والقراءات الميدانية.

ثانيآ – توفير مختبرات مؤثثه بأحدث الأجهزة العلمية وتأمين مناخ مناسب للطلبة للعمل عليها وتأثيث هذه المختبرات على وفق مواصفات الجوده المطلوبه.

ثالثآ – تدريب الطلبة على الأجهزة المتطوره والحديثه وتعريفهم بالتقنيات والكشوفات الجديده في ميدان تخصصهم

أهدافنا :

اولآ – تسعى الكلية الى تحقيق اهداف التعليم العالي بأعداد الطلبة ليكونوا ملاكات علمية مقتدرة تذهب الى مواقعها في قطاعات العمل والادارة والأنتاج.

ثانيآ – تجهيز الطلبة بأحدث المعلومات والكشوفات العلميه في حقول التخصص المختلفة المفتوحه في الكلية

عندما اكملت عامها الخامس انجزت كلية النور الجامعة الدورة الاولى من دليل الكلية للعام الدراسي 2018-2019 باللغة العربية والانكليزية وبنسختين ورقية والكترونية.

يمكن الان للراغبين تصفح وتحميل الدليل من الروابط ادناه.

تحميل النسخة كاملة باللغة العربية.

تحميل النسخة كاملة باللغة الانكليزية.

دليل الكلية للعام الدراسي 2020-2021 باللغة العربية والانكليزية وبنسختين ورقية والكترونية.

يمكن الان للراغبين تصفح وتحميل الدليل من الروابط ادناه.

تحميل النسخة كاملة باللغة العربية.

.تحميل النسخة كاملة باللغة الانكليزية.

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