This division is considered the mirror of the college that reflects its activities and identity, and it is also its interface that receives the media and paves the way for it to get to know the college and contact with it through media. The division invents, designs and implements all media publications, as well as drafting, designing and publishing speeches and advertisements. The department manages and designs all the formulas that are published on social media and the official website of the college in Arabic and English. It supervises the general activities and takes charge of follows up all activities. It also documents events of the campus life and its scientific and educational career.

Because media is the college’s mirror and its mouthpiece for its effectiveness.. It must indicate the areas of activities in it, identify the sources of scientific and knowledge provision, and illuminate them.

The main mission of media division is to reflect the true image of what is happening at the college so that people see it as it is in reality, meaning that its message is to take the college to the people and show them its true image.

Through the work of media, it is possible to build bridges between college researchers and researchers in other institutions, who media can attract their attention and arouse their interest.. As well as pursuing to expand the horizons of thinking and work at the college