Middle East Exhibition Diaries\3

Al-Noor University College’s pavilion continues to attract visitors to the Middle East Education and Technology Exhibition and students on the third day of this exhibition dedicated to private institutions in education and companies and offices working in this specialty.
In terms of research activities and conferences accompanying the exhibition, five lectures were given on the third day to a number of participating entities, namely the American University of Kurdistan, Tishk University, Edwina Company, Paytacht Institute, and Jiar School.
The committee supervising the Al-Noor University College awards competition also held a draw on the second day, and Mr. Yahya Tariq Ghaith was lucky in it, who came to the pavilion and received his prize.
For the third day, the team delegated by the college continues to manage the pavilion... at the interface of interacting with visitors’ questions and providing comprehensive answers to guide those asking there. The two attendants, Noor Matti Behnam and Basma Ibrahim Abbou, supervise the dialogue with the people. With them is Mr. Ali Ashour, the official of the Registration and Student Affairs Division. The media work is managed by Mr. Thamer Mayouf, Director of Media and Public Relations. The organization, direction and management are undertaken by Mr. Ghassan Mohammed Saadoun, the follow-up officer. The team is supervised and attended by Professor Dr. Yassin Taha Al-Hajjar, Dean of Al-Noor University College.