Al-Noor University College represented by the Asst. Dean for Administrative Affairs Dr. Nabeel Ahmed Jarjees and Head of the Construction Engineering and Project Management Department Dr. Saad Ali Hassan Al-Taan Director of the Quality Assurance Division prof. Hani Muslim Ahmed Al-Salim In the electronic symposium held by the Engineering Accreditation Council for the Colleges of Al-Noor, Al-Qalam and Al-Kitab on Wednesday, 12/7/2022, in which the President of the Iraqi Engineering Accreditation Council, Prof. Dr. Ziyad Suleiman, and members of the Council, Prof. Dr. Ali Naji Attiya and Prof. Dr. Jalal, lectured. Mohammed Amin, as this symposium included lectures on introducing the Engineering Accreditation Council and its standards, education based on educational outcomes, and measuring and evaluating these outcomes.

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