A lecturer at Al-Noor University College, Department of English Language, Asst. Lect. Abdul-Jabbar Jassim Mohammed, has published two new books by Dar Al-Ola Printing and Publishing, the first entitled (Critical Studies in Comparative Literature). In this book, the author deals with a group of research specialized in comparative literature between the Arabic and English languages and the repercussions of this literature on the two cultures in a significant way. The book sheds light on the influence of The Thousand and One Nights in particular and the Arab cultural heritage on English literature in general, and the second book is entitled (English Poetry from Josera to Ezra Pound). In this book, the author deals with a large collection of the works of English poets from the beginning of English poetry to the contemporary time. It is a book that enriches the students of the English Department in the subject of English poetry.

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