Al-Noor University College hosted the eighth semi-annual conference of the Iraqi Medical Students Association in Iraq, which belongs to the International (IFMSA) institutions equipping them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values to practice their medical duty toward society.

The activities of the conference began at Al-Noor College in Mosul in the presence of , the Dean of Al-Noor College, Prof. Dr. Yaseen Taha Al-Hajjar and many Department heads of medical colleges at the university, in addition to several heads of organizations concerned with health and safety in the city, and the presence of all members of the Iraqi Association of Medical Students and about 200 male and female students from various medical specialties in all Iraqi governorates

The media office at Al-Noor College has remarked that Al-Noor University College hosted the activities of the conference, which started 15/2/2023 at 5 pm, and its activities will continue for three days, including workshops, organizational meetings for students, and tours in the city of Mosul.
The representative Association conference, Roaa Kaori, expressed her thanks to Al-Noor College for its supporting and embracing of the activities of this conference, which comes in the service of the medical and social work of Iraq.

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