Al-Noor University College participated in the eighth Mosul International Dental Conference and Exhibition, which was held by the Dental Association in Nineveh, in cooperation with the Iraqi Medical Association and the presence of Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Rawi, the President of the Iraqi Doctors, Prof. Dr. Osama Al-Mashhadani, the President of the University of Nineveh, SyndicateProfessor, the President of the Nineveh Branch Doctors, the General Manager of Nineveh Health, and the President of the Pharmacists Syndicate. In the presence of Prof. Dr. Talal Hamid Al-Salman, Department’s Head of Dentistry at Al-Noor University College, Prof. Dr. Moataz Ghazi Saadallah, and Prof. Dr. Maan Mowaffaq Nayef, which was held on Eun Baghdad Hall for two days on Thursday and Friday in 23rd and 24th of February, 2023. The opening ceremony delivered several scientific speeches and lectures in the field of dentistry. The support of Al-Noor University College came as a continuation of its well-known approach to backing up all scientific cultural and literary activities and events and enhancing its leading role in serving the development of scientific progress in all fields.

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