On Thursday morning, Mar. 2, 2023, a joint scientific cooperation agreement was held between Al-Noor University College and Samarra University. on the sidelines of the Inventors and Innovators conference held at Al-Noor University College.
In the context, the Council of Al-Noor College held a meeting headed by the Dean of Al-Noor University College, Prof. Dr. Yassin Taha Al-Hajjar, with the representative of Samarra University, Prof. Dr. Ghassar Faris, Dean of the College of Education / Samarra University, during which they discussed ways of scientific and academic cooperation between the two universities.

The paragraphs of the agreement included five axes, which are postgraduate studies, student affairs, curricula and vocabulary, financial affairs, and the exchange of visits between universities. All the paragraphs included collecting points, they will be mentioned in that aspect, and they will be activated through the mutual relations between Al-Noor University College and the University of Samarra, and it was agreed upon.

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