Sponsored by the deanship of Al-Noor University College , the Department of Media and Activities at Al-Noor University College has organized a lecture on the dangers of electronic extortion and ways of protection from it on Monday, the 13th of March in the year 2023,

, in cooperation with a community police division in Nineveh.

It is presented by the lieutenant community police Hazem Al-Zubadi and it is dealt warning both genders especially girls to be a victims of blackmailers who compromise the victims for money or other immoral things.

In addition , he has remarked that the community police continues receiving citizen complaints confidentially , as they have abled to solve many of the problems related to electronic extortion presented by them
In the context, the lecture was attended by about 200 male and female students, in addition to employees, administrators, and professors at Al-Noor University College. In conclusion, the audience have expressed their thanks for the information and advices provided by the lecturer to prevent extortion problems .

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