Sponsored by the Dean of Al-Noor University College ,the college has concluded its Annual Ramadan competition in the recitation of the Holy Quran .Thirty contestants have participated and competed in reading Surat Fatter in front of the judgment committee which is composed Dr. Khalid Aziz, Dr.Fathy Taha ,Dr. Ali Lateef and Sheikh Ahmad Abdullah Shamy.The male student who has reached the first place is Ibrahem Bashar from the department of English; the student who get the second position is Omar Ali Uthman from department of Pharmacy. The third place is won by Omar Taha from the department of English .Concerning and winning students who participate in the contest is Malak Muhammed ; a second year student from the department of dentistry whereas the second position is given to Rahma Salem; a first year studies in the department of anesthesia techniques .

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