Al-Noor University College has been held a meeting of the committee supervising on the conference of scientific communication and strengthening cooperation mechanisms between local government, universities and non-governmental organizations in Nineveh Governorate. The conference will be held under the auspices of the Parliamentary Higher Education Committee and with the support and participation of Al-Noor University College, in cooperation with the Nineveh Center for Consultation and Researches, Mosul University and the Iraqi Academics Union/ Nineveh Branch .
The meeting is attended by representatives of Mosul University ,Nineveh, University, the Northern Technical University, Al-Hamdaniya University, Tal Afar University, the Open Educational College, Al-Noor University College, and the Nineveh Center for Consultation and Researches.

The meeting includes preparation for the conference to be held in 28 of May in 2023 and discuss the themes of the conference.

This conference aims to:
1. Raising the level of cooperation and coordination to achieve practical integration between public and private universities and local government in Nineveh Governorate.
2. Universities' contribution to drawing up general policies and strategies and meeting the needs of development plans in the various government sectors in Nineveh Governorate .
3. Universities’ contribution to promoting peace-building, social cohesion, renunciation of violence, and community integration to achieve lasting and long-term peace in Nineveh Governorate

The conference will be an important event in Nineveh Governorate. It will reinforce building bridges of cooperation, coordination and participation between the local government, Universities, Educational institutions and non-governmental organizations with the aim of community development and service.

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