The preparatory committee for Mosul Heritage Day held its regular preliminary meeting at Al-Noor University College under the chairmanship of Professor Dr. Yaseen Taha Al-Hajjar, the dean of the college, and with the presence of all members. During the meeting, it was announced for the first time that "Baytna" institution is the cultural window of the college in the city. The meeting included a presentation of the program for celebrating Mosul Heritage Day at its location, coinciding with the anniversary of the destruction of the Great Nouri Mosque's minaret. The celebration is held in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, Antiquities, and Ninawa Governorate. The platform, square, heritage houses, and alleys have been prepared in preparation for the start of the celebration, and detailed plans for the three-day event on June 21st, 22nd, and 23rd have been proposed.

كما تم إقتراح الضيوف والندوات الحوارية ليعكس مشهد المنطقة، محاكاة حقيقية لطبيعة الحياة المجتمعية الموصلية قبل أكثر من قرن.

It was also agreed to visit the old city to inspect the on-site preparations and make the initial field touches.

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