In the atmosphere of actual communication with vital departments and institutions in Nineveh, a delegation from Al-Noor University College visited the Court of Appeal of Nineveh. A fragrant bouquet of flowers was presented to Judge Raed Hamid Al-Musalah, the President of the Court of Appeal, as an expression of their intimate relationship. The Media Adviser of the College spoke about the happiness of the law family and the college family with this fruitful meeting, which increases the interaction with the judiciary and creates many opportunities for law students to get benefit from the experiences of court . 
Judge Raed Hamid, the president of the Appeal Court of Nineveh invited to visit the College and attend next academic year's applied court session, which is a part of the practical lessons that provide students with early field experience and emphasized communication and expressed his agreement to host the applied court to be closer to the field and to train students in it. They learned closely about the actual courts and felt the warmth of their daily work, he also expressed the willingness of the Court to organize continuing workshops and sessions according to programs and preparations to be agreed upon.

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