Dr. Taha Hussein Al-Salem, Head of the Department of Petroleum Engineering at Al-Noor University College, participated in the discussion committee of master’s student Jimin Ismail Ahmed about her thesis submitted to the Department of Applied Geology at the College of Spatial Planning at the University of Duhok under the title:

(Delineation of potential areas of groundwater and its exposure to pollution using the Geographic Information System
and applying the DRASTIC model in the Khazir River Basin) where the discussion committee was chaired by Dr. Rayan Ghazi Thanoun, Professor at the University of Mosul, and Dr. Jihad Ibrahim Salim, Assistant Professor at the University of Duhok, and Dr. Jalal Hassan were joined as members. Younis, assistant professor at the University of Duhok. At the end of her defense of her thesis, she was awarded a master’s degree.

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